The Haunted Book Shop Funny sign

Friday Funny: Bookworm

Some of my favorite jokes are “PUN-ny” or have great wordplay. Corny could be another word for it. Eye-rolling humor is just the best! So when I was walking downtown Mobile and saw this, I had to snap a picture for y’all. It was a lovely little book shop whose owner is an author. If […]

Why I dont call how to hack social anxiety

How to Maintain Relationships with Family and Friends

“The phone works both ways.” People without social anxiety Oh, how I hate that phrase! It always comes after I’ve worked up the courage to ask a loved one to call anytime. They have no clue how many times I’ve thought about calling. What if they’re busy? I don’t want to interrupt. What if they […]

Bad Days

Finding Calm on Dark Days

Do you find yourself accepting, or even embracing, your depression, anxiety, feeling blue, and every other negative mood? That’s where I found myself this weekend. The weather was dreary, just like my mood. You see, I made a trip back “home” to the place where I spent most of my life. I’m just going to […]

Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor

Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor

No, it’s not what you think. Public restrooms are a fount of material for funny posts. People have conversations there they would NEVER say in “public.” Unfortunately, most of them aren’t meant for “mixed company” as my mom used to say. However, there are times that we simply HAVE to snap a photo to share […]

Survivor not victim

You are NOT a victim, you are a SURVIVOR!

Every time the media uses the term “victim,” I cringe. The term implies a current state of helplessness. You and I SURVIVED and got out! We are NOT helpless! Trigger Warning! I will post calming pictures throughout this post. If you feel your anxiety building, focus on the picture as you breath in 3..2..1..hold 3..2..1 […]

Monday Moments: Botanical Gardens 1

Monday Moments: Botanical Gardens

It’s finally SPRING! What better way to celebrate than taking a trip to the Botanical Gardens? These are just a few of the pictures I took. They really don’t do it justice. The beauty isn’t just in the visual, the sounds of the birds and smells of the flowers can’t be captured in a photograph. […]

Piggy tuxedo cat

Friday Funny: Silly Cat

Piggy (my cat) loves running water! We had to get him a water fountain because he would slap the regular water dish until it splashed everywhere. (Cats are weird) The other day, I didn’t turn the faucet all the way off and this happened: Poor baby was so confused! Moving water! Yay! Wait. Where’d it […]

To Do List For Survivors depression anxiety domestic violence abuse

To Do List For Survivors

Have you ever noticed checking one thing off your list motivates you to do more? The feeling of accomplishment as I make that mark or place that star always makes me smile a little.

Visual Cues and Reminders Dream Believe Achieve

Visual Cues and Reminders

“Motivation is garbage!” Mel Robbins author of The 5 Second Rule Even if you believe in motivation, taking that next step is hard. That’s why you need visual cues and reminders that you CAN do it surrounding you. I saw these at my doctor’s office and had to smile. If you don’t have anything like […]

Friday Funny: Googly Eyes

Friday Funny: Googly Eyes

Driving down the road one day, I looked over and saw this. Y’all, coffee went everywhere! Don’t drink and drive doesn’t just apply to alcohol. Thankfully, this driver pulled into a truck stop and I followed so I could snag this photo (and clean the coffee off the interior of my car). If you suffer […]