Piggy and Sandy stole my seat PlantingMe.com

Friday Funny: Protective Pets

Funny animals is the #1 search on my YouTube. Even on my darkest days, pets can make me laugh. And my favorite 2 are my fur babies, Sandy (dog) and Piggy(cat). Sometimes they really drive me nuts though. The above picture was taken after I walked to the kitchen and returned to these little brats […]

Leaving an abuser is NOT a failed relationship! PlantingMe.com

Overcoming the stigma of DIVORCE

I’ve been married more than once. This is “frowned upon” in various circles. Don’t worry folks, I’m not calling anyone out (but if you feel the pinch, I don’t mind stepping on toes). Before we begin:Trigger Warning! I will post calming pictures throughout this post. If you feel your anxiety building, focus on the picture […]

Not all who wander are lost PlantingMe.com

The Beauty in Getting Lost

Being a Jeep girl, this phrase is on my timeline a lot. Not all who wander are lost is true, to an extent. The thing is, I enjoy getting lost. You never know what you might find. Recently, I went to Red Robin with some family. If you’ve never been, it’s a burger restaurant with […]

The Haunted Book Shop Funny sign PlantingMe.com

Friday Funny: Bookworm

Some of my favorite jokes are “PUN-ny” or have great wordplay. Corny could be another word for it. Eye-rolling humor is just the best! So when I was walking downtown Mobile and saw this, I had to snap a picture for y’all. It was a lovely little book shop whose owner is an author. If […]

Why I dont call how to hack social anxiety PlantingMe.com

How to Maintain Relationships with Family and Friends

“The phone works both ways.” People without social anxiety Oh, how I hate that phrase! It always comes after I’ve worked up the courage to ask a loved one to call anytime. They have no clue how many times I’ve thought about calling. What if they’re busy? I don’t want to interrupt. What if they […]

Bad Days PlantingMe.com

Finding Calm on Dark Days

Do you find yourself accepting, or even embracing, your depression, anxiety, feeling blue, and every other negative mood? That’s where I found myself this weekend. The weather was dreary, just like my mood. You see, I made a trip back “home” to the place where I spent most of my life. I’m just going to […]

Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor PlantingMe.com

Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor

No, it’s not what you think. Public restrooms are a fount of material for funny posts. People have conversations there they would NEVER say in “public.” Unfortunately, most of them aren’t meant for “mixed company” as my mom used to say. However, there are times that we simply HAVE to snap a photo to share […]