The fear and stigma of prescriptions for mental illness

Doctor visits and prescription medications

Mental illness has always come with stigma and judgement. Not just from outside sources. The internal is the most difficult to overcome. I’m stronger than this! Me, trying to overcome depression without help Personally, I’ve battled with this for years. It became so much worse after the abuse. Survivors are strong! Unfortunately, we also try […]

Leaving an abuser is NOT a failed relationship!

Overcoming the stigma of DIVORCE

I’ve been married more than once. This is “frowned upon” in various circles. Don’t worry folks, I’m not calling anyone out (but if you feel the pinch, I don’t mind stepping on toes). Before we begin:Trigger Warning! I will post calming pictures throughout this post. If you feel your anxiety building, focus on the picture […]

Why I dont call how to hack social anxiety

How to Maintain Relationships with Family and Friends

“The phone works both ways.” People without social anxiety Oh, how I hate that phrase! It always comes after I’ve worked up the courage to ask a loved one to call anytime. They have no clue how many times I’ve thought about calling. What if they’re busy? I don’t want to interrupt. What if they […]

Bad Days

Finding Calm on Dark Days

Do you find yourself accepting, or even embracing, your depression, anxiety, feeling blue, and every other negative mood? That’s where I found myself this weekend. The weather was dreary, just like my mood. You see, I made a trip back “home” to the place where I spent most of my life. I’m just going to […]

Visual Cues and Reminders Dream Believe Achieve

Visual Cues and Reminders

“Motivation is garbage!” Mel Robbins author of The 5 Second Rule Even if you believe in motivation, taking that next step is hard. That’s why you need visual cues and reminders that you CAN do it surrounding you. I saw these at my doctor’s office and had to smile. If you don’t have anything like […]

What is a Mood Monitor and Why You Need One

For anyone with anxiety, depression, or any other challenges that could derail your dreams; a mood monitor can be a lifesaver! (Literally in many instances.) A mood monitor is the one person you check in with every day. The one who helps you to think through the panic. Who can help refocus your view on […]