Piggy plantingme.com tuxedo cat

Friday Funny: Silly Cat

Piggy (my cat) loves running water! We had to get him a water fountain because he would slap the regular water dish until it splashed everywhere. (Cats are weird) The other day, I didn’t turn the faucet all the way off and this happened: Poor baby was so confused! Moving water! Yay! Wait. Where’d it […]

Sandy's grand-dog plantingme.com Friday Funny

Sandy’s Grand-dog

I think my dog is a descendant of Falcor! When I glanced over and saw her, I had a flash of childlike glee. I imagined riding her through the sky while she told me of things beyond anything I’d ever dreamed. If you don’t know who Falcor is, PLEASE find The Neverending Story on your […]